Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled administrative assistant with a wealth of experience. Virtual Assistants manage the daily tasks of their clients and help ease their working day, either remotely or on-site.
  2. Do I have to employ a VA?
    By using a Virtual Assistant you will enter into a freelance agreement. The Virtual Assistant will be self-employed which means that you don't have to pay for taxes, insurance or holidays.
  3. Who manages the VA?
    You will get to build a relationship with the Virtual Assistant and in return, they will feel like a member of your team. An account manager will oversee the relationship and be on hand to step in, if and when needed, at any time.
  4. Do you offer on-site support?
    A number of our Virtual Assistants do undertake on-site work. Please get in touch if this is something that you are considering.
  5. What is the cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant?
    It's considerably cheaper than you think! If you hire a temping agency then we can beat their hire fees. All of the Virtual Assistants here at The Warwickshire Virtual Assistant Network on the same rate of pay, so there is no competition. PAYG and retainer rates are available.
  6. Can I trust my VA?
    All of the Virtual Assistants at The Warwickshire Virtual Assistant Network are highly skilled individuals. They have all been vetted and cleared as approved members. This means that they are fully insured, compliant with Data Protection Regulations, Money Laundering Regulations (where applicable) and registered as self-employed. We supply monthly training sessions that keep our VAs learning and upskilling.
  7. What next?
    If you have identified a need for support then get in touch and if you are not quite sure how we can help, but are curious then get in touch for a chat today.
Please fill in your details and we will be back to you within 24 hours.